Quite simply, Dupont Corian is the seamless solution to a multitude of demands in surface design.enabling imagnation to meet the needs of functionality,Corian adapts beautifully to any role.from subtle elegance to the most exotic of forms,this is a material created with innovation in mind.

Pure in its solidity, powerful in its performance, versatile to its core, Corian can shape itself to almost any concept with effortless style.And these valuable talents were built to last.

ISO Corian

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Corian Specifications

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Colors of Corian

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Corian Cladding

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Corian Healthcare

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Corian Hotels

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Corian Kitchenwork

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Corian Sublimation

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Corian Use & Care Guidelines

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Dupont Corian Customized Shapes

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Dupont Corian Interiors

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Dupont Corian Tones

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Dupont Corian World

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Hygiene Certificate

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